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SCORE Michigan

SCORE - For the Life of Your Business

About SCORE  (Service Core Of  Retired Executives)

SCORE is a non-profit association of volunteer local business veterans committed to building a strong and prosperous Michigan business community.

One-on-One Business Counseling

It's free, it's unlimited and it's "straight from the shoulder" wisdom that will start you on the right path towards your business goals.  Learn what to do and what not to do by leveraging the knowledge and experience of a volunteer SCORE Mentor.

When SCORE receives your "Request for Counseling", you'll be contacted to schedule a time and place for your first consultation. After just the first meeting, you will leave with a lot to think about.  Thereafter, you can call for more consultation as the need arises.  There is no limit in the number of meetings you can have or in the time period over which you can ask for help.

SCORE Knows the Territory

SCORE Counselors come from virtually every business category that you can name: manufacturing, marketing and sales, retailing, service, professional, and on and on.  No matter what your business, you'll find someone who can help.

It's Confidential

Each volunteer SCORE Mentor is a business veteran and pledged to the confidentiality of every counseling interview and the conversation of every counseling client.  It's your business — and only your business.

SCORE Templates & Tools

SCORE maintains a large library of business educational materials and publications on a variety critical subjects.  Free copies of materials most relevant to your business are available during and after your counseling session.

Workshops & Events

SCORE Workshops & Events offer a variety of business related subject matter throughout the year.  These events are conducted by qualified SCORE Mentors and other subject-matter experts and encourage an open discussion and a sharing of expertise and experience.  Watch for announcements of upcoming SCORE events.

Telephone Counseling

Limitations of time and distance may make a telephone counseling interview right for you.  SCORE Mentors can help you get to the heart of your business questions both in person and on the telephone.  Call (888) 796-4913, or www.score.org,  to arrange a counseling session.

Volunteer with SCORE

If you are interested in becoming a SCORE Mentor, or supporting the effort in some other way, please call SCORE at (888) 796-4913
or www.score.org.