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Business Calculators

Start-Up Costs Calculator

Calculate the start-up costs of your new business before you get going. This calculator helps you evaluate how much capital you'll need to start your business. By clicking on this link to you will be taken to a different website not affiliated with SCORE.

E-mail Counseling

Fast—Ask questions 24/7; get answers in 48 hours.

Free—Offered free-of-charge, as a public service.

Convenient—Receive advice straight to your email.

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Business Counselling

Free business counseling is provided by SCORE. This service is provided on a one-to-one basis.

SCORE business counseling will help your business:

Increase the value of your business by growing sales, earnings, and cash flow

Identify and solve problems related to various aspects of your business

Develop business plans

Assist with marketing plans and promotional strategy

Provide access to small business resources

To schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor, contact your local office.