Top best Michigan Podcasts
Top Michigan Podcasts

Michigan Podcasts | 30 Best Michigan Podcasts for Everyone

Michigan Podcasts

Whether you’re on the road for work, at the gym, or doing housework, there’s always time to listen to a podcast. There are an increasing number of media platforms producing Michigan podcasts, and as a listener, you’ve never had more options.

30 Best Michigan Podcasts
Best Michigan Podcasts

Variety is the spice of life, and podcasts cover every topic imaginable, including sports, politics, and pop culture. If you’re searching for some new podcasts to listen to, check out these entertaining Michigan podcasts to discover all about what’s going on in the Mitten State.

Podcasts on Michigan travel.

Pure Michigan ( Radio Show)

Pure Michigan Radio Show-min
Pure Michigan Radio Show-min

Pure Michigan speaks with industry professionals on a weekly basis to provide listeners with information meant to inspire them to travel and discover everything the Mitten State has to offer.

Listeners may expect to hear a wide range of stories about travel and cultural experiences, and it’s easy to find because it airs every weekend on WJR in Detroit.

Pure Michigan Podcast Link

Podcasts on Michigan sports.

MGoBlue hosts a podcast with John Jansen.

MGoBlue Podcasts with John Jansen-min
MGoBlue Podcasts with John Jansen

This podcast with former Michigan football national champion John Jansen provides an in-depth look at all things Maize and Blue for fans of University of Michigan athletics.

Listeners may expect to hear game recaps as well as interviews with current Michigan coaches and notable athletic alumni.

MGoBlue Podcast Link

Locked on Wolverines

Locked on Wolverines podcast-min
Locked on Wolverines podcast

For die-hard fans of the gridiron and hardwood, this podcast provides an in-depth look at Michigan’s football and men’s basketball teams. Interviews, game previews, offseason analysis, and mailbags with listener queries are all available.

Locked on Wolverines Podcast Link

Michigan Radio’s John U Bacon.

Michigan Radio's John U Bacon
Michigan Radio’s John U Bacon

John Bacon is a University of Michigan graduate who has covered the school’s sporting teams for over 30 years. He may have become the school’s foremost authority on the football program. Bacon even wrote a series of novels on the football team.

This podcast offers his weekly thoughts on the latest sports news.

John U Bacon Podcasts Link

The Michigan Man Podcast

The Michigan Man Podcast copy
The Michigan Man Podcast copy

In this podcast, presenter Mike Fitzpatrick looks at news items, provides updates, conducts interviews, and analyzes everything relating to University of Michigan athletics.

It has around 500 episodes and include conversations with Michigan athletes like radio announcers and local beat writers.

The Beat by The Athletic

The Beat by The Athletic
The Beat by The Athletic

This podcast is largely on Michigan and Michigan State athletics, namely football. However, a thorough dig into prior episodes includes national critiques of college football, as well as talks of college basketball and wrestling.

Podcast by Eastern Insider.

Eastern Insider Podcast copy
Eastern Insider Podcast copy

Listen to the Eastern Insider podcast if you’re seeking for Michigan podcasts that aren’t simply about the University of Michigan. Eastern Michigan University is the center of attention.

The hosts talk about sports and life with several EMU coaches. They also interview renowned athletic alums who have gone on to achieve success after graduation. There is a lot of game debate and analysis if you follow EMU’s teams.

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Eastern Insider Podcast Link

Maroon and Gold Podcast

Maroon and Gold Podcast
Maroon and Gold Podcast

Maroon and Gold, much like Eastern Michigan podcast, focuses on athletic programs at Central Michigan University. The majority of the shows feature football program discussions and conversations with Jim McElwain ( head coach) Previous versions, on the other hand, included interviews with other CMU sports leaders, including the athletic director.

Maroon and Gold Podcast Link

Podcasts on true crime in Michigan.

MLive’s Michigan Crime Stories.

This podcast, which was started by the news site MLive, takes a look at the murders, mayhem, and mysteries that occur in the Mitten State. Subsequently, episodes were distributed once a week.

Fans of podcasts with multi-part episodes, such as a four-part look at the Pinconning Paralyzer, will be pleased because this podcast has numerous multi-part episodes.

Michigan Crime Stories Podcast Link

Sins of Detroit

Sins of Detroit
Sins of Detroit

True crime lovers may like this podcast, which examines erroneous convictions in the state. Some listeners may be surprised to learn of various types of wrongdoing, such as how errors by law enforcement personnel and crime labs have resulted in a failure to document evidence.

Sins of Detroit Podcast Link

Grand Rapids, you’re killing me.

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids Podcast
You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids Podcast

This podcast’s hosts delve into the folklore of Grand Rapids and the surrounding area. The Grand Rapids Grim Reaper, the ghosts on the Ghost of Grand Rapids Walking Tour, and the Craigslist killer have all been discussed in the past.

You’re Killing Me, Grand Rapids Podcast Link



Journalists from Detroit’s WDIV take a look at the complicated cases in Southeastern Michigan in this podcast, including those that have attracted national notice. Seasons have been devoted to a particular topic in order to entice listeners to stay for several episodes. The disappearances of Jimmy Hoffa and White Boy Rick, a former FBI informant, have been addressed.

Shattered Podcast Link

Podcasts about Michigan news.

Michigan Radio’s State Side.

State Side by Michigan Radio
State Side by Michigan Radio

This podcast tells listeners all they need to know about the Mitten State. Podcasts with policymakers, business leaders, and artists will be available to listeners.

The stories you’ll hear will vary from highly funny to quite serious, giving you a little bit of just about everything, from news stories to great anecdotes. This is the podcast for you if you’re seeking for something to listen to during your morning commute.

State Side by Michigan Radio Podcast Link

Podcast from the Detroit Economic Club.

Detroit Economic Club’s Podcast
Detroit Economic Club’s Podcast

This podcast is an outgrowth of the Detroit Economic Club’s aim of providing a forum for discussion of social concerns, business, and government. Listeners can hear interviews with Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel and Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Hackett, among others.

Detroit Economic Club’s Podcast Link

Podcasts on food and drink in Michigan.

Michigan AF

Michigan AF
Michigan AF

Did you know that Michigan produces over 300 foods and items that everyone consumes on a daily basis? This podcast delves into the entire food production process in Michigan, from farm to fork.

The hosts of the program seek for local food enterprises, producers, and eateries. Then they share those stories with you, the listener, to let you know what you’re ingesting.

Michigan AF Podcast Link

A Healthier Michigan

A Healthier Michigan
A Healthier Michigan

This podcast’s host, Chuck Gaidica, and his roster of guests cover a wide range of health and wellness subjects, including food and nutrition. This podcast goes into Michigan’s complete food manufacturing chain, from farm to fork.

A Healthier Michigan Podcast Link

Podcast “Fresh From the Field”

fresh from the field podcast
fresh from the field podcast

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development hosts this podcast. It comprises interviewing farmers, companies, and other MDARD agencies to bring you the most up-to-date Michigan food and agricultural news.

Previous versions included topics such as Halloween security and health, bovine tuberculosis, and Michigan soil. Previous editions included themes including Halloween food and safety, bovine TB, and Michigan dirt.

Other/Miscellaneous Podcasts from Michigan

Listen In, Michigan

Listen In Michigan
Listen In Michigan

This podcast, produced by the online alumni magazine Michigan Today, provides an overview of historical facts, events on the University of Michigan campus, and reports from various alumni.

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Listen In, Michigan Link

The Michigan DNR’s Wildtalk.

Wildtalk by the Michigan DNR
Wildtalk by the Michigan DNR

If you enjoy all things outdoors, this is the podcast for you. DNR staff answer listener questions and offer insights and interviews on all things Michigan wildlife. Deer hunting season, the tale of the Michigan Dogman, and winter trapping have all been covered in recent episodes.

Wildtalk by the Michigan DNR Link

Population Healthy Podcast

Population Healthy Podcast
Population Healthy Podcast

This weekly podcast examines major health issues that touch individuals on a daily basis. It is published by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health and examines health issues from a variety of views.

If you’re searching for a podcast that explains down key public health themes in an easy-to-understand way, this would be the Michigan podcast for you.

Population Healthy Podcast Link

The Michigan Opportunity

The Michigan Opportunity-min
The Michigan Opportunity

This podcast promotes Michigan as a business-friendly state. As the global economy moves, the podcast ties Michigan to those patterns and analyzes how those adjustments may influence the state.

The Michigan Opportunity Link

Stories of Hope and Innovation in Michigan Classrooms, Bright.

Stories of Hope and Innovation in Michigan Classrooms
Stories of Hope and Innovation in Michigan Classrooms

This podcast tells the tales of students in classrooms across the Mitten State who achieve success by thinking outside the box. Previous episodes have looked at how to teach coding to young kids, how to define and track goals with students, and how to teach culturally sensitive education.

Podcast Link

On Balance

On Balance
On Balance

This podcast is sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan and offers listeners a variety of legal perspectives. The series’ main focus is on lawyer health and how it relates to practice management, as well as how to help attorneys thrive in their practices. Consider it a podcast for attorneys by lawyers.

On Balance Link

Talk Juicy

Talk Juicy podcast
Talk Juicy podcast

This is the podcast for fans of podcasts with several hosts. This podcast is presented by a circle of friends who all have distinct perspectives on life as a result of their jobs and places in life.

These pals have engaging conversations on dating, gender, job, and motherhood, among other topics.

Talk Juicy Podcast Link

Damsels in Detroit

Damsels in Detroit
Damsels in Detroit

This podcast, hosted by the City of Detroit’s social media associate, offers interviews with local women. The host and her guests discuss everything from astrology to property investment to cosmetics.

There are many more Michigan podcasts to enjoy.

As you can see, there are a plethora of Michigan podcasts worth listening to. You don’t have to look far to find an engaging Michigan podcast, whether you want to fall down a rabbit hole on a famous crime, keep up with the newest news on your team, or learn about how to live and eat healthily.

Damsels in Detroit Podcast Link

Runner Girl from Michigan.

Runner Girl from Michigan-min
Runner Girl from Michigan-min

This is a community, not just a podcast. Michigan Runner Girl is a fun and welcoming online community and resource. Make friends with people who share your interests. Discover new events and runs, new places to explore, and terrific people doing inspirational things. We may both learn from and encourage one another.

Best part about the podcast is that Heather Durocher covers races all across our lovely state, as well as unique specialty races, tips, tricks, and other information.

She’s accessible and easy to listen to, and she even has guests that add a lot of enthusiasm.

Runner Girl from Michigan Podcast Link

That’s What They Say

That's What They Say podcast-min
That’s What They Say podcast-min

You can’t speak about podcasts without bringing up the major guns. This Michigan NPR broadcast is a weekly radio piece that investigates our evolving language.

Anne Curzan, an English professor at the University of Michigan, researches linguistics and the history of the English language. Each week, she’ll talk with Michigan Radio Weekend Edition anchor Rebecca Kruth on why we say what we say.

That is what they claim. airs on Michigan Radio on Sundays at 9:35 a.m., and you can listen to the podcast here: That is what they claim.

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That’s What They Say –Podcast Link

The Redirect Podcast (Black Truck Media)

The Redirect Podcast
The Redirect Podcast

I’d want to thank Jason Dodge for exposing me to this show. The Redirect Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring search industry conversation and analysis by the Grand Rapids-based BlackTruck Media + Marketing team.

They cover everything from SEO to content marketing and beyond in terms of current marketing news, strategies, and strategy. So, if you’re searching for a Michigan flavor of brilliant marketing knowledge, this is it.

The Redirect Podcast Link

Leading Questions with Calvin Moore

Leading Questions with Calvin Moore
Leading Questions with Calvin Moore

Calvin Moore and Kent Strath of Detroit moderate this weekly moderated roundtable discussion about current issues in our culture. Each week, they bring diverse perspectives on a certain subject together to discuss our disputes, evaluate one another’s viewpoints, and, at the very least, leave the table with a measure of respect for the person on the opposite side of the discussion.

So, whether they’re talking about police brutality, gun control, climate change, human sexuality, religion, or women’s problems, they always strive to provide a safe environment for intense, yet healthy debate.’s Leading Questions with Calvin Moore.

I’m Not In An Abusive Relationship

I'm Not In An Abusive Relationship-min
I’m Not In An Abusive Relationship-min

This is a podcast about how to deal with domestic and sexual assault.

Claudia Pahls, host, and Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services look for hope in what might appear to be a dismal scenario. The purpose of “I’m Not in an Abusive Relationship” is to provide listeners tales of hope in order to motivate them, as well as interviews with specialists in order to provide insight and guidance.

When I joined the Board of Directors, I presented this concept to the President of the Board and the Executive Director of Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services. A survivor provided the inspiration for the presentation and the name of the podcast. She mentioned in her narrative that she didn’t envision herself in an abusive relationship. She didn’t believe it was “all that horrible.” My aim for this program is that everyone in that circumstance would be able to hear their narrative in these episodes and find hope and aid.

The podcast Mindful Skeptics.

Mindful Skeptics Podcast-min
Mindful Skeptics Podcast

The Mindful Skeptics Podcast is a safe space to listen to talks about contentious issues without endangering your relationships with family, friends, and coworkers. They typically talk politics and religion on the show. They also discuss social standards, mental and physical health, equal rights, social justice, current events, and conspiracy theories.

Tech Over Time

Tech Over Time
Tech Over Time

This fascinating and instructive podcast from Grand Rapids is co-hosted by James Laurain. He and co-host Jason Struble talk about the past, present, and future of technology, a product or an institution, and other topics. The wonderful thing about this program is that each week, one co-host will offer a concept without informing the other, so it seems unscripted and fresh. It’s an entertaining deep dive into technology.

Jim and Jason occasionally entertain visitors. It’s a fresh viewpoint on all the “stuff” that surrounds us.

Tech Over Time Podcast Link  


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