CM Punk's WrestleMania Dream Shattered by Torn Triceps, McIntyre Capitalizes on Punk's Misfortune

CM Punk’s WrestleMania Dream Shattered by Torn Triceps, McIntyre Capitalizes on Punk’s Misfortune


WWE Raw Results – January 29, 2024

The road to WrestleMania XL kicked off with a bang on Monday Night Raw, as the fallout from the Royal Rumble reverberated throughout Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. In a shocking turn of events, CM Punk’s dream of main eventing WrestleMania was shattered due to a torn triceps suffered during the Rumble match. However, Drew McIntyre, ever the opportunist, capitalized on Punk’s misfortune, declaring his own intention to headline WrestleMania and live Punk’s dream.

Punk’s Heartbreak and McIntyre’s Ruthless Ambition

With a heavy heart and a sling on his arm, Punk addressed the WWE Universe, acknowledging his near-victory at the Rumble and congratulating Cody Rhodes on his win. He then revealed the devastating news of his injury, his voice thick with emotion as he spoke about his shattered WrestleMania dream. However, before he could finish, McIntyre’s ominous theme hit, sending chills down the spines of both Punk and the audience.

McIntyre, known for his intense rivalry with Punk since his return in November, approached the ring with a newfound ruthlessness. He acknowledged Punk’s pain but coldly admitted praying for his downfall, particularly his elimination of Punk from the Rumble. He declared that while Punk may have won the battle, he, McIntyre, had won the war. He vowed to find his way into the world title match at WrestleMania and live Punk’s dream, not for Punk’s sake, but for his own.

The Judgment Day Reigns Supreme, The Miz & R-Truth Suffer Brutal Beatdown

The Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match saw Damian Priest & Finn Balor retain their gold against #DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa) in a thrilling encounter. However, the drama didn’t end there. The Judgment Day, sans Rhea Ripley, called out R-Truth to seemingly apologize for their actions at the Rumble. However, the apology was a cruel ruse, as they ambushed and brutally attacked Truth, leaving him and The Miz laying in the ring.

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark Dominate, Cody & Rollins Talk WrestleMania

The dominant duo of Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark made quick work of Chelsea Green & Piper Niven in a showcase of their technical prowess and submission skills. Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes, the two-time Royal Rumble winner, and Seth Rollins, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion, engaged in a tense face-to-face, discussing the main event of WrestleMania XL. Rollins, acknowledging Cody’s focus on Roman Reigns, surprisingly suggested Cody challenge him for his title instead. Cody, ever the pragmatist, simply promised to consider Rollins’ proposition.

Kofi Kingston’s Quest for Intercontinental Gold, Main Event Jey Uso Takes on Big Bronson Reed

In other action, Kofi Kingston set his sights on the WWE Intercontinental Championship, currently held by GUNTHER, while “Main Event” Jey Uso clashed with the monstrous Big Bronson Reed in a hard-hitting encounter.

What’s Next?

With WrestleMania XL rapidly approaching, the landscape of WWE has shifted dramatically. CM Punk’s injury has thrown a wrench into everyone’s plans, while Drew McIntyre’s ruthless ambition has opened up new possibilities. The Judgment Day’s reign of terror continues, Cody Rhodes faces a difficult decision, and Kofi Kingston and Big Bronson Reed chase their respective championship dreams. Stay tuned to Raw next week for more twists, turns, and electrifying action as the road to WrestleMania heats up!

  • Pat McAfee and Michael Cole are the new permanent commentators for Raw
  • The next episode of Raw will air on February 5th, 2024

Key Matches and Events:

  • CM Punk addresses his torn triceps and shattered WrestleMania dream
  • Drew McIntyre declares his intention to main event WrestleMania and live Punk’s dream
  • The Judgment Day retain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against #DIY
  • The Judgment Day brutally attack R-Truth and The Miz
  • Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark dominate Chelsea Green & Piper Niven
  • Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins discuss the main event of WrestleMania XL
  • Kofi Kingston sets his sights on the WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • “Main Event” Jey Uso battles Big Bronson Reed

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