Dana Nessel Meet Michigan’s Attorney General

Dana Nessel is the current Attorney General for the state of Michigan. Here’s a list of facts you might not have known about this dynamic woman. Dana Nessel is the 54th Attorney General for the State of Michigan. She has also been involved in a variety of high-profile legal cases, including prosecuting Flint water crisis’ officials.

Attorney General Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Attorney General, is a strong advocate for several important causes and has a variety of interests. As she strives to implement changes that will benefit thousands of people in Michigan, here are just some of her accomplishments thus far.

Dana Nessel’s Background

Dana Nessel, Michigan’s attorney general, is a law professor at the University of Michigan Law School. She has been a prosecutor, public defender and assistant state attorney general.

In her previous positions, she has focused on public safety and criminal justice. She has also worked on campaigns for reform as an activist and volunteer lawyer.

Nessel, a Democrat, was previously the state’s chief assistant attorney general and the director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Prior to that, she was an attorney with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Nessel has also practiced law in Detroit.

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What is the Attorney General’s Office?

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is Michigan’s top law enforcement agency. The AGO works to protect the public, prosecute criminals, and provide legal services. The AGO also oversees the state’s courts.

whos running for attorney general in michigan
whos running for attorney general in michigan

Michigan Attorney General’s Office

Attorney General Dana Nessel is Michigan’s top law enforcement official. She was sworn in on Jan. 3 2019 and has since been working to improve the state’s legal system. Attorney General Nessel is a lawyer and former prosecutor who has worked in the public sector for more than two decades.

One of Attorney General Nessel’s key priorities is fighting crime. She has announced plans to roll out a new statewide crimefighting strategy, called “Operation Safe Neighborhoods.” Operation Safe Neighborhoods will involve better coordination between law enforcement agencies, increased use of technology, and better training for prosecutors and police officers.

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Attorney General Nessel has also pledged to fight for justice for Michiganders who have been victims of crime. She has vowed to work with other state officials to create a Victims Rights Commission that will provide guidance and support to victims of crime. Attorney General Nessel also wants to make it easier for people who have been wrongfully convicted to clear their names.

Overall, Attorney General Nessel is committed to making Michigan a safer place for all residents.


Nessel came to power after winning a hotly contested primary against two-time incumbent Bill Schuette. Nessel is a former prosecutor, and has focused her campaign on criminal justice reform, including reducing opioid use and increasing access to early childhood education.

After eight years as Michigan’s top prosecutor, Dana Nessel is has stepped into the role of Attorney General. Prior to that, she served as the state’s assistant attorney general for civil rights. As AG, Nessel is responsible for defending Michigan’s laws and ensuring that all residents have equal access to justice.

Nessel has made criminal justice reform a central part of her campaign platform. She has called for reducing opioid use, increasing access to early childhood education, and more aggressive prosecution of crimes such as child sexual abuse.

Nessel is a former prosecutor who has focused her campaign on criminal justice reform. She plans to reduce opioid use, increase access to early childhood education, and more aggressively prosecute crimes such as child sexual abuse.

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Education & Family

Attorney General Nessel, a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University Law School, resides in southeast Michigan with her wife, Alanna Maguire, and twin sons, Alex and Zach.

Diversity & Inclusion

Attorney General Dana Nessel is the state’s first openly gay attorney general and the first woman to hold the position. She is also the first Michigan attorney general in history who was elected without having served as a judge or prosecutor.

As attorney general, Nessel has focused on issues important to her constituency, including combating discrimination, protecting consumers, and restoring trust in government. She has been a vocal critic of the Trump administration’s policies, including its efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and its proposed cuts to Medicaid.

Nessel is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

Environmental Protection

She is a lawyer and former state prosecutor who has spent her career fighting for environmental justice and public safety.

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Nessel began her career as a prosecutor in the office of the State Attorney General in 2006. From 2007 to 2009, she served as deputy state attorney general for criminal justice policy and planning. In 2009, she became an assistant attorney general with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, where she helped lead the department’s environmental enforcement division. In 2013, Nessel was appointed state prosecutor for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Nessel is a member of the American Bar Association, the National Association of Attorneys General, and the American Civil Liberties Union. She has been involved in numerous legal cases involving environmental protection and public safety issues. In 2013, she won a landmark case against Dow Chemical Company that resulted in a $1 million penalty for violating Michigan’s Clean Water Act. Nessel also led investigations that resulted in charges against five men for conspiring to export illegal fireworks to Canada and Egypt.

Criminal Justice Reform

Attorney General Nessel founded Michigan’s Elder Abuse Task Force in collaboration with the Michigan Supreme Court as the state’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer to battle the surge in crimes against the state’s most vulnerable populations. She has overseen the Department’s criminal investigations into the Flint Water Crisis and Catholic Church sexual abuse. She’s also established a Conviction Integrity Unit to evaluate claims of innocence so that we may maintain public confidence in our criminal justice system even while prosecuting the state’s most horrific offenses.

She has dedicated her career to criminal justice reform, fighting for smarter criminal justice policies that promote public safety and reduce the number of people behind bars. In her time as prosecutor, Dana won numerous awards for her work on marijuana enforcement and gun crime prosecutions. As Attorney General, Dana will continue to fight for these types of smart reforms while also ensuring that all Michiganders have access to quality legal representation.

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The Role of an Attorney General

Now Attorney General, Nessel is charged with protecting all Michiganders from crime and ensuring that all citizens have access to quality legal services. She’ll also be leading the fight against corruption and ensuring that government officials are accountable to the people they serve.

Her main efforts have been shaped in the image of her pledge to Michigan residents: to return the Attorney General’s Office to the people it serves. Attorney General Nessel’s consumer protection departments have been in the forefront of fighting firms that try to take advantage of Michigan consumers, whether via unfair utility rate hikes or shady business practices. She established the Department’s Auto Insurance Fraud Unit to investigate and punish people and corporations that take advantage of Michigan residents and the system that is supposed to safeguard Michigan drivers’ safety. She also created the office’s first Payroll Fraud Enforcement Unit to prosecute people and corporations that attempt to defraud Michigan workers of their salary and retirement benefits.

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Her platform and issues she supports

Attorney General Dana Nessel is Michigan’s new top lawyer. She was sworn in on March 28th and has already made a name for herself by pushing for reform in the state’s criminal justice system. Here are some of her key goals:

1. Reinforcing the state’s commitment to rehabilitation and reentry programs.

2. Ending mass incarceration and creating more opportunities for crime reduction through prevention and intervention programs.

3. Advocating for stricter laws regulating gun ownership and increasing access to mental health services.

4. Working to reduce discrimination against marginalized communities, such as LGBTQIA+ individuals, immigrants, Muslims, and low-income residents.

5. Strengthening coordination between different government agencies in order to improve public service delivery and efficiency.


Dana Nessel has been appointed Michigan’s new Attorney General. She is a lawyer and activist who previously served as the Deputy Attorney General for Civil Rights in the Office of the Michigan Attorney General. In this role, she oversaw civil rights and voting rights divisions, and prosecuted criminal cases. Her experience as an attorney and advocate will be an asset to the State of Michigan and its residents.


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