Superman Ice Cream [The Mystery Flavor EXPOSED!]

What is Superman Ice Cream?

In the Midwestern area of the United States, notably in Michigan, Superman Ice Cream is highly popular. The state of Michigan loves its three-flavor, three-color ice cream. The tastes of raspberry, lemon, and Blue Moon are roughly represented by the colors red, yellow, and blue; the latter is a favorite among neighboring Midwest states Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin.


  • The flavors of Superman ice cream include Blue Moon, Red Pop or black cherry, and vanilla or lemon.
  • Michigan is the state where you can buy Superman Ice Cream. There aren’t many other states in the area that have it.
  • Superman’s original ice cream is colored blue, red, and yellow. These are consistent across all brands.
  • The Superman ice cream flavor has surpassed the popular cookies and cream flavor nationwide in Michigan, according to a 2019 WorkWise research.
  • Superman ice cream was produced by several different Michigan ice cream companies. Additionally, each of them has a unique name. As an example, Purple Cow refers to it as Scooperman and Hudsonville Ice Cream as SuperScoop.

What you Shall Learn in this Article?

In this post you shall find complete info about Superman Ice Cream. What are the flavors?, What are the best places to enjoy Superman Ice Cream, What is tastes like? How to eat it? , Superman Ice Cream Merchandise and Gifts, History & Invention of it.

Continue reading to find out the best of Superman ice cream in Michigan and to discover facts that no one knows.

Superman Ice cream
Superman Ice cream

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Superman Ice Cream Where to Buy

The Best places in Michigan to find Superman ice cream.

Of course, your neighborhood grocery shop sells a variety of flavors of Superman ice cream. By doing this, you may experiment with each flavor alone or in other pairings, such as red and yellow, blue and red, or blue and blue, much like Neapolitan ice cream.

However, visiting an ice cream shop will be more enjoyable, and Michigan offers several.

You may go whenever you choose, although July is National Ice Cream Month, so you might want to go then. Visit on National Ice Cream Day, which falls on the third Sunday of each month, to make your trip even more memorable!

We suggest visiting the following ice cream shops in Michigan to sample the Superman flavor:

List of Michigan's top Superman ice cream parlorsDetails
Moomers Homemade Ice CreamSuper Moo is offered in a variety of flavours at Moomers Homemade Ice Cream in Traverse City.
Pinkie’s Ice Cream and DessertsSupercow with Blue Moon, cherry, and lemon flavours is available at Pinkie's Ice Cream & Desserts in Grand Rapids.
House of Flavors RestaurantSuperman is available at the House of Flavors restaurant in Ludington with flavours including Blue Moon, cherry, and lemon.
Marion’s Dairy BarGreat alternatives are available at Marion's Dairy Bar in East Tawas.
Jaami’s Ice Cream and TreatsA lovely spot in Frankenmuth is Jaami's Ice Cream and Treats.
The Blue Moon Ice Cream ShopThe Superman flavour of Blue Moon ice cream is available at the Blue Moon Ice Cream Shop in Ovid.
The Parlour of JacksonThe Parlour of Jackson is a restaurant in Jackson featuring a 1950s-style interior with among of Michigan's largest servings.
Cascades Ice Cream Co.Near the renowned Cascade Falls, the Cascades Ice Cream Co. sells hand-dipped and soft-serve ice cream.
Stroh’s Ice Cream ParlorIn the Detroit metro area, Stroh's Ice Cream Parlors in Wyandotte and Bloomfield Hills sell the original concoction of Blue Moon, Red Pop, and lemon flavours.
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About Michigan’s Favorite Superman Ice Cream

Superman Ice cream MI
Superman Ice cream MI

Imagine ice cream in a spectacular rainbow of colors and flavors, with vivid blues, rich reds, and startling yellows, and you can quickly see Superman Ice Cream.

Michigan’s favorite taste, Superman ice cream, may be made by combining flavors such as cherry, Detroit-style “Red Pop” soft beverages, blue moon or blue raspberry flavors with almond extract, and rich vanilla flavors.

What Flavors are in Superman Ice Cream?

Colors and flavors of Superman ice cream.

Blue, red, and yellow are the predominant hues of the original Superman ice cream. These are the same for all of the brands, and Blue Moon ice cream has a unique mystery all its own.

Super Rainbow is a Stroh’s Ice Cream creation made with Blue Moon, Red Pop (strawberry), and lemon. The Red Pop pays homage to the traditional strawberry pop from Faygo, a beloved beverage in Michigan.

But when making theirs, Hudsonville and Purple Cow use Blue Moon instead of Red Pop and vanilla rather than lemon.

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What does it taste like, though?

tasting superman ice cream MI
tasting superman ice cream MI

It is a distinctively Michigan taste that can be found in ice cream shops all around the state. These are some serious treats when it comes to ice cream.

The Delightful & Delicious Ice Cream in Michigan

Throughout the world, ice cream shops are a refuge for anyone with a sweet appetite, and Michigan is home to many of them.

In Michigan, we have a unique regional flavor of ice cream that is best recognized by its three primary hues: blue, red, and yellow. The demand for this bizarre taste is substantial, as ice cream businesses in West Michigan and urban Detroit as well as Mackinac Island and the distant reaches of the Upper Peninsula are aware.

Perhaps the name should be “Midwest Superman Ice Cream,” as that is exactly what it is. It’s a rare treat that you probably won’t find outside of the Midwest areas of the United States.

Many long-standing childhood rituals in Michigan involve Superman Ice Cream, and many road trips have been arranged in quest of the distinctive Superman ice cream flavors.

You’ll understand why after just one bite of this frozen delicacy, which contains a lot of vanilla extract.

You might be shocked to find that the Midwest is the only region where Superman Ice Cream is popular. However, children all around Michigan instinctively remember those tasty red, yellow, and blue swirls that you see in cups and cones, as well as often on tongues and cheeks, throughout the summer.

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In fact, Michigan is the only state where Superman Ice Cream may be purchased. Only a few states in the area offer it, and there is simply no alternative for the summery bliss of Superman Ice Cream from Michigan!

Let’s explore this all-time favorite frozen treat, from its unofficial beginnings to its enigmatic taste mix.

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The flavors in red, yellow, and blue.

But each flavors sensation offered by Superman ice cream is unique.

For individuals with a very sweet craving, some places substitute richer black cherry ice cream for the traditional cherry flavors. For a more acidic taste profile, lemon ice cream may occasionally replace vanilla ice cream.

It doesn’t matter what type of ice cream you have in your bowl as long as it has the recognizable swirl of three colors (red, blue, and yellow). There is no right or wrong way to eat this superhero ice cream.

The Secret of the Blue Moon Ice Cream Flavor.

Superman Ice cream michigan Secret
Superman Ice cream Michigan Secret

The flavors of Blue Moon ice cream is a mystery. Its name comes from the vivid blue hue, although the secret blend is still kept hidden.

Many tastes, including marshmallows, almond essence, citrus overtones, and cereals like Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Trix, according to speculators, may be detected.

According to the proprietor of the patent, Bill “Doc” Sidon, an Austrian chemist, developed the recipe while serving as the company’s principal taste scientist at Petran Products in Milwaukee in the 1950s.

Although many have attempted to duplicate the original Blue Moon recipe and some have gotten close, the genuine recipe is still a closely-guarded secret. However, both on its own and as a component of Superman ice cream, it is a favorite flavors.

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How Should You Eat Superman Ice Cream?

You may indulge in each taste on its own, such as the piece of superman ice cream that is lemon-flavored or the distinctive blue moon ice cream.

You may plunge right into the tangle of three hues and experiment with any taste combination you choose if you’re feeling bold.

The options are limitless, though, as with most things in Michigan.

DC Comics is not affiliated with Superman Ice Cream.

Superman Ice Cream, however unrelated to the DC comic book, is equally as renowned as its namesake.

The red, blue, and yellow of Superman’s suit served as inspiration for the creation of this superhero ice cream. And for good reason—this ice cream is as bit the superhuman as the man of steel.

Superman (of the DC comic book fame) undoubtedly had an influence on Michigan since the Greenbush Brewing Company, a microbrewery in southwest Michigan between New Buffalo and St. Joseph, named a beer in his honor.

The Creation of Superman Ice Cream & The History of Stroh’s Brewing

Who would have imagined that a brewery would produce one of the most intriguing and distinctive flavors of ice cream? Superman ice cream’s nativity is still up for question, although the widely believed theory dates the frothy confection to Prohibition and the Stroh Brewery Company.

The Stroh’s Business in Detroit, which was renowned for its beer until being acquired by Pabst, really invented this sweet treat at some point during the Prohibition era, when the brewery was compelled to stop making alcoholic beverages.

And we’re pleased they did because ever since, we’ve been enjoying this delectable blend of frozen heavy cream.

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Gifts & Merchandise of Superman Ice Cream.

You will like these cute Superman ice cream presents if you or someone you know LOVES Superman ice cream.

Superman Ice Cream GiftsDetails
Superman Ice Cream CandleThis unusual ice cream's aroma fills your cosy home with a delightful combination of vanilla and bubblegum fruitiness.
Superman Ice Cream StickerThe ideal sticker for any fan of Superman Ice Cream is a cone filled with red, blue, and yellow ice cream that is shaped like Michigan.

Often Asked Questions on Superman Ice Cream (FAQ)

Q) What ingredients are in the Superman ice cream?

A: This indicates that it is an extremely sweet marshmallow dessert that just tastes, “blue.” Vanilla is combined with the tastes of blue raspberry, lemon, and cherry in our Superman ice cream.

Q) What three kinds of Superman ice cream are there?

A: A specialty of Michigan, Superman ice cream combines three flavors in a Neapolitan-like fashion, using hues of blue, red, and yellow—your usual Superman colors.

Q) Is Superman ice cream exclusive to Michigan?

A: However, children all around Michigan instinctively remember those tasty red, yellow, and blue swirls that you see in cups and cones, as well as often on tongues and cheeks, throughout the summer. In fact, Michigan is the only state where Superman Ice Cream may be purchased.

Q) What color is the Superman ice cream's blue flavors?

A: The ice cream flavors “blue moon” and “red pop,” which are unique to the Midwest, are combined with vanilla to create Superman, claims Atlas Obscura. There is a tinge of bubblegum or marshmallow in the flavors of blue moon, and some people also detect a faint banana flavors.

Q) Who is the maker of the first Superman ice cream?

A: The original Superman mix is frequently traced to Stroh’s Brewery in Detroit. Why was ice cream being produced by a brewery? The company had to diversify into legal food in the 1920s since Prohibition forbade its main line of work.

Final Thoughts on Superman Ice Cream

The next time you travel to the Midwest or any of the top ice cream shops in Michigan, you must taste Superman Ice Cream, regardless of what flavor it may truly be. The delicious flavors of blue raspberry, lemon, and cherry are used to create a tie-dye look in our rendition of Superman ice cream, which tastes exactly like what you would get in a Michigan scoop shop. So Happy Ice Creaming! J

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