Things To Do in Lansing Michigan [Top 30 #Reloaded]

Things To Do in Lansing Michigan that will make you want for more.

Best Activities in Lansing, Michigan, and East Lansing, Michigan. There are countless things to explore and do in Lansing, Michigan, as well as East Lansing, so if you’re looking for things to do in Lansing, Michigan, you’re in luck!

As both the state’s capital and its historical hub, you may discover a mixture of governmental, academic, and natural interests in Lansing. The adjacent East Lansing campus of Michigan State University and the Spartans who attend give Michigan’s capital city a distinct vitality that makes it entertaining.

Lansing is a great retreat in Michigan for families, couples, and young people alike because of its unique atmosphere.

Continue reading for more suggestions for trips and places to visit in Lansing and the surrounding area. For an interactive map of our top 27 things to do in Lansing, Michigan, scroll to the bottom.

Things To Do in Lansing MI
Things To Do in Lansing MI

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The Michigan Capitol Building’s dome.

Best Things to Do Near the Capitol in Lansing, Michigan.

Visit the state capitol of Michigan.

Lansing, Michigan 48933, 100 N Capitol Ave.

Anyone visiting downtown Lansing must pay a visit to this National Historic Landmark. The Michigan State Capitol Building is shaped by Victorian domes and arched halls, and it is beautifully lit by magnificent chandeliers.

However, this structure is a vital and useful component of Michigan’s government, not merely one of many stunning historical monuments or tourist attractions. A knowledgeable local tour guide can explain everything to you while showcasing the most significant halls and rooms.

Lansing Michigan State Capitol
Lansing Michigan State Capitol

At the Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center.

925 West Ottawa Street, Lansing, MI 48915; Hall of Justice.

The Michigan Supreme Court Learning Center is another significant aspect of Michigan’s government that is open for tours. Here, you may discover everything there is to know about the legal system in Michigan and take part in a mock trial using the “A Day in Court” activities to determine a case.

While you’re there, don’t forget to take a picture with Lady Justice, and before you go, check out the State Capitol from Lansing’s highest vantage point.

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The Hall of Fame and Michigan Women’s Historical Center.

Lansing, Michigan 48933, 105 W Allegan St.

This place, often known as “HERstory,” is wonderful for finding ideas quickly. Explore the brick terrace along Women’s Walk and learn about the lives of the over 300 Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame honorees. Additionally, there is a fair trade gift store with interesting items.

Must-See Museums in East Lansing and Lansing, Michigan.

Visit the Michigan History Center to delve into the past.

Lansing, Michigan 48915, 702 W Kalamazoo St.

The Michigan History Center offers tours of the state’s rich industrial and cultural past. Witness Michigan’s history come to life, from the first human settlements through Motown-era Detroit and all in between.

Browse displays of 1950s cars, prehistoric Native American items, and more. With a reproduction upper peninsula copper mine and other displays that highlight Michigan’s contribution to the manufacturing boom, you may learn more about Michigan’s industrial history. Behind the walls of this museum of Michigan history are all of these things and more.

R.E. Time Travel Museum of Old Transportation.

Lansing, Michigan 48933; 240 Museum Dr.

The history of Michigan is heavily influenced by the transportation and car industries, which have had an impact on both Lansing and Detroit. R.E. offers historical exploration. Many Oldsmobiles are included at the Olds Transportation Museum’s extensive collection of vintage and historic automobiles, which also includes reproductions of the first Oldsmobile steam carriage.

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The REO Speed wagon, a series of REO lawnmowers, 2004 and 2005 Aleros, and even some airplanes are among the other vehicles housed at the museum.

View the stars at the Abrams Planetarium.

East Lansing, Michigan 48824, 755 Science Road

Anyone with a keen mind and an interest in space must visit the Abrams Planetarium on the east side of Lansing. Almost every aspect of the celestial sphere, including the Northern Lights, is visible here, including stars and constellations.

Vibrant pictures of planets, galaxies, and other objects are projected onto the dome above you, enabling you to view things that you otherwise couldn’t. Additionally, a new show on the marvels of space and alien elements debuts every week, making it the ideal edutainment option on a wet day.

Visit The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum to view contemporary art.

East Lansing, Michigan 48824: 547 E Circle Dr.

This campus-based public art museum, created by Pritzker Prize–winning architect Zaha Hadid and dedicated to Eli and Edythe Broad, longstanding benefactors of MSU, is a must-see for art enthusiasts.

This lovely MSU museum houses a variety of artworks by local, national, and international artists as well as a permanent collection of over 10,000 pieces.

Capitol Building of Michigan.

Activities for Children in Lansing and East Lansing.

At the Impression 5 Science Center, experiment.

Lansing, Michigan 48933; 200 Museum Dr.

The Impression 5 Science Center’s interactive children’s activities will test your knowledge of the sciences. Although this museum’s exhibits are oriented toward kids and younger visitors, including babies and toddlers with the First Impression Room, even adults like it.

Here, you may watch demonstrations that make difficult concepts like physics, electromagnetism, and even Nano scale science understandable to people of all ages.

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Visit Potter Park Zoo and Go Crazy.

Lansing, Michigan 48912, 1301 S Pennsylvania Ave.

More than 500 different animals from all over the world live in Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo. This charming zoo, which kids in Lansing adore visiting, feels like its own intimate small environment since it has so many local and exotic species to see.

In terms of itineraries and vacation ideas, zoos are frequently included, and Potter Park is no exception. Potter Park, like many zoos, strives to maintain species by carrying out conservation research and giving zoo visitors a pleasant and interesting educational experience.

Sing the Lansing Lugnuts’ praises.

Lansing, Michigan 48912, 505 E Michigan Ave

The Lansing Lugnuts are Lansing’s minor league baseball club, and they play at Jackson Field at Cooley Law School Stadium.

It’s not surprising that baseball fans like spending a day at the stadium to watch the Lugnuts given the presence of 20 opulent suites, six full-service snack booths, management offices, and the team’s official “Nuts and Bolts” shop. A day at the stadium is now accessible to everyone because to Cooley Law School Stadium’s reputation as one of the most wheelchair-accessible venues in the country.

One of the many fantastic minor league baseball clubs in Michigan that is packed with interactive fun for all ages is the Lansing Lugnuts.

Enjoy your day at Hawk Island Park.

Lansing, Michigan 48910, 1601 E Cavanaugh Rd.

One of the wonderful county parks in the Lansing region is a 100-acre all-year-round park with a tonne of activities. There is also a community-built playground, a splash pad for youngsters, and a great beach and swimming area. A visit to Hawk Island County Park in central Michigan is unquestionably worthwhile.

Take a stroll along the paved 1.5-mile trail or stop at the beach house/snack bar. Additionally, there are beach volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters, spray parks, fishing, boat rentals, and boardwalks. Hawk Island has a snow tubing slope, a warming structure, and a snack bar in the winter. Leashed dogs are also permitted on this cool island park, despite the fact that it is not a dog park.

Visit the Soldan Dog Park with your dog.

Lansing, Michigan 48910, E Cavanaugh Rd.

This 15-acre, off-leash dog park next to Hawk Island has a lake, a sandy beach, and a boreal forest. Your dog will like it.

Outdoor activities in East Lansing and Lansing, Michigan.

The Lansing River Trail should be followed.

Locals enjoy riding their bikes or taking walks along the Lansing River Trail. Following the Grand and Red Cedar Rivers about 16 miles, this path passes past well-known locations including Michigan State University, Potter Park Zoo, Old Town, and more.

It’s not surprising that those who want to spend some time in nature prefer this route because of the peaceful surroundings and lack of human intrusion.

The Fenner Nature Center is worth exploring.

Lansing, Michigan 48910, 2020 E Mt Hope Ave.

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Any traveller to Lansing who enjoys the outdoors should include exploring the Fenner Nature Center on their itinerary. A nonprofit group that prioritises preserving a green environment in the centre of Lansing runs the Fenner Nature Center.

Without ever leaving the city, you may spend hours strolling here among closely spaced trees, lush plants, and vibrant flowers to re-connect with nature.

River Red Cedar, via kayak.

530 River St., Lansing, MI 48933 is the address for River Town Adventures.

Travel to Michigan frequently entails looking for the ideal kayaking location. Kayaking is a well-liked outdoor activity throughout the state, and Lansing is no exception. The people of Lansing like being outside, and going on a kayak excursion is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the natural world.

Given the calm, steady, and smooth nature of the water, the Red Cedar River is a great place for beginning kayakers as well. However, if you’re still unsure, a volunteer guide will help make sure the trip goes smoothly. It’s also one of many fantastic date suggestions for Lansing’s outdoor-loving couples.

Woldumar Natural Area.

Lansing, Michigan 48917; 5739 Old Lansing Rd

Woldumar Nature Center provides tourists five miles of natural pathways that go through forest and grasslands close to Lansing, Michigan, along the Grand River. We adore the WolduMarket Gift Shop because it is filled with natural history memorabilia and educational exhibits like live animals and geology.

W.J. Botanical Garden at Beal.

East Lansing, MI 48824, W Circle Dr.

The W.J. Find five acres of breathtaking nature there. MSU’s Beal Botanical Garden is located there. It was established in 1873 and has been running continually since. It has approximately 5,000 species arranged into groups based on economic, systematic, landscape, and ecological factors.

One of my favorite places on the MSU campus is this lovely garden, which is calm and pleasant.

Take a trip on The Grand Princess.

Grand River Park, 48917 Lansing, Michigan

One of the three vintage steamboats run by the Michigan Princess Company is located in Lansing. These steamboats provide venues for both public events like concerts or luncheons, which may be attended for a minimal cost, as well as for private events like parties or meetings.

You may take a cruise on the Grand Princess in Lansing as part of a shared or private journey, or even for a break with your significant other. After leaving the wharf at Grand River Park, the riverboat can accommodate up to 450 visitors as it travels along the Grand River.

Things to Do in East Lansing, Michigan.

Beaumont Tower’s bells can be heard.

East Lansing, Michigan 48824, 375 W Circle Dr.

This famous carillon tower, which is almost 100 years old, has 49 bells and can play a variety of music.

Turner Dodge Residence

Lansing, Michigan, 48906, 100 E North St.

The 1855-built Turner-Dodge House, also known as the Dodge Mansion, is a historic home that is now a museum honouring Lansing’s early settlers. In 1972, Dodge Mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Places. A visit is worthwhile.

Walk among the sculptures.

419 N. Washington Square, 48933 Lansing, Michigan.

The Downtown Sculpture Walks offered by Lansing Community College are a really fun way to spend some time getting to know the Lansing area. The 48-acre downtown Lansing campus area contains more than 600 works of public art.

Spare Time Entertainment Center is a place to play.

Lansing, Michigan 48912, 3101 E Grand River Ave.

This well-liked attraction offers cuisine, bowling, axe throwing, an arcade, escape rooms, laser tag, and other activities. It’s one of those unique places that can keep kids and adults occupied for hours!

Visit the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts to attend a concert.

East Lansing, Michigan 48824, 750 E Shaw Ln.

There are four stages that host some of the best performers in the nation, including Broadway plays, theatre, live events, and the performing arts.

Excellent Restaurants and Bars in Lansing & East Lansing, Michigan

Visit Strange Matter Coffee to get some caffeine.

Lansing, Michigan 48912, 2010 E Michigan Ave #103.

Start the day off right in the morning with some premium coffee if you plan to spend the entire day exploring Lansing.

To get your day going, stop by Strange Matter Coffee. You may be sure that the baked goods and coffee you purchase at this establishment are wonderful since they are made using scientific methods.

Eat at the Meat BBQ.

Lansing, Michigan 48906, 1224 Turner Rd.

It might be challenging to choose where to eat among Lansing’s countless eateries when you become unavoidably hungry, but here is one dependable suggestion. The finest carnivorous food you can find is meat barbecue.

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High-quality southern BBQ classics like ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and more are available here. You’ll realize why this restaurant was highlighted on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives after taking your first bite.

Visit Lansing Brewing Company and get a pint.

Lansing, Michigan, 48912, 518 E Shiawassee St.

One of the earliest breweries to open in the capital city, Lansing Brewing Company is located in the Stadium District and has been serving beer to construction workers for more than a century.

When it reopened after being closed during Prohibition, its popularity soared. Today, they promote the craft beer revolution and make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Explore their IPAs, pilsners, sours, and porters or try their signature Amber Cream Ale.

markets for farmers in East Lansing.

East Lansing, Michigan 48823, 280 Valley Ct.

One of Michigan’s top farmers markets is the one in East Lansing. This growers-only market is conveniently close to the MSU campus and downtown East Lansing in a welcoming park setting.

A wide range of fresh, farm-grown goods from Michigan are available for purchase by customers, including fruit, vegetables, artisan bread, cheese, meat, coffee, maple syrup, honey, flowers, and more.

Top Hotels in Lansing, Michigan

Crowne Plaza West Lansing.

Lansing, Michigan 48917, 925 South Creyts Road.

One of my preferred lodging options in Lansing is the Crowne Plaza Lansing West. Each room contains a microwave, refrigerator, tea and coffee maker, and it is quite clean and cosy. It’s a charming hotel with a lovely indoor pool, and since it’s close to the freeway, it’s very handy.

University Place Marriott in East Lansing.

Lansing, Michigan 48823, 300 M.A.C. Avenue.

You should stay at this Marriott if you plan to spend the most of your time in East Lansing. A gorgeous full-service hotel with a sizable indoor pool, a restaurant and bar on-site, and an excellent fitness facility is located less than a mile from the MSU campus. It’s a cosy place with rooms that are also well furnished.

Capitol Radisson Hotel in Lansing.

Lansing, Michigan 48933, 111 North Grand Avenue

This place seems nice while yet being reasonably priced, which is why I appreciate it. Additionally, the Radisson is close to the Capitol building, making it a practical location if you intend to visit the neighborhood. The rooms are roomy and it’s clean and cosy. There is a huge pool, and the surroundings are absolutely lovely with views of the Grand River.

Often Asked Questions on Things To Do in Lansing Michigan

Q) What is Lansing, Michigan known for?

A: In addition to being the state capital of Michigan, Lansing is also known for being the birthplace of the Oldsmobile.

Q) What is renowned about Lansing?

A: Oldsmobile was founded in Lansing, the state capital of Michigan. The stately and venerable State Capitol Building and the Michigan State University campus serve as the city’s bookends. Downtown Lansing is divided by the Grand River and the 20-mile River Trail from Old Town to REO Town and beyond.

Q) Is Lansing a pleasant city?

A: There is a lot to do in the lovely city of Lansing. There are river walks, lots of playgrounds, Potter Park Zoo, and of course, wonderful food. It’s a pleasant area to reside. There are several events that you may attend alone or with friends and family.

Q) What is the specialty of Lansing, Michigan?

A: Lansing is widely renowned for its history in the automobile industry. The Oldsmobile brand was established in Lansing, and the REO Motor Car Company was Michigan’s first running automobile manufacturer in 1905. L-Town now carries on Michigan’s history of auto production.

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