Associated Bank Routing Number | Quick Guide

Associated Bank Routing Number

United States Associated Bank Routing Number (Quick Guide).

Associated Bank Routing Number, We’re sure you are looking for it and you are at the right place? The routing number of Associated Bank may be seen on account holders’ checks. It’s straightforward; the first sequence of digits displayed in the bottom left corner of the checks is what you’re looking for. Your individual account number is the second series of numbers next to it (to the right of the routing number).

The merger of three banks in Northeast Wisconsin resulted in Associated Bank. Kellogg Citizens Bank of Green Bay, Manitowoc Savings Bank, and First National Bank of Neenah were the three banks. Routing Numbers List also includes a comprehensive list of all US bank routing numbers!

Associated Bank reached another another milestone in 1997. This year, First Financial and Associated Bank amalgamated, resulting in the formation of Associate Bank as we know it today. Wisconsin-based thrifts, savings, and lending institutions were combined by First Financial. Associated Bank takes pride in being the only US bank with a more than 150-year history of service.

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What is the meaning of an Associated Bank Routing Number?

The nine-digit codes seen on checks are known as bank routing numbers. It’s also known as the ABA code. These figures were first established in 1910 by the American Bankers Association. ABA stands for American Bar Association. The routing number was created to identify the bank that issued the payment.

The routing number began to incorporate the Federal Reserve Routing Number once the Federal Reserve was established. Banks now often utilize this collection of numbers to move funds to and from checking accounts.

associated bank routing number list
associated bank routing number

Routing Numbers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Routing numbers are made up of nine digits, as previously stated. The meaning of each digit is explained briefly below.

• The first four digits of your phone number. The Federal Reserve Routing System gave these numbers. It denotes the bank’s physical location. They no longer correlate with the actual location as a result of mergers and acquisitions.

• Numbers in the fifth and sixth digits. These numbers identify the Federal Reserve bank through which the institution’s electronic and wire transfers are routed.

• It’s the seventh digit. This number indicates the Federal Reserve check processing facility to which the bank was first assigned.

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• This is the eighth digit. The Federal Reserve district in which the bank is located is indicated by this numeral.

• It’s the ninth digit. A checksum is provided by this number. The first eight numbers are used in a difficult mathematical equation. If the result does not match the checksum number, the transaction is flagged and must be processed manually.

Finding and locating the route number

It may be found on paper checks if you know where to look.

Only checking accounts allow you to locate the number on paper checks. Several digits are printed at the bottom of your check, as you can see. This quick article will explain how to figure out your routing number from your account and check numbers.

associated bank routing number check
associated bank routing number check

At the bottom left corner of your check, there are three sets of numbers. Your routing number is the first nine-digit series. Your checking account number is the second ten-digit series. The check number is the last series on the right.

associated bank routing number
associated bank routing number

On the bottom of a check, you’ll see your Associated Bank Routing Number. On certain checks, it’s the first set of digits, but on others, it’s the second set of numbers after the bank account number or check number. It will always be a series of nine digits.

How to Find the Correct Associated bank Routing Number

Because of earlier mergers, your bank may have many routing numbers available. Wire transfers, direct deposits, and automated clearing house transactions may all have their own routing numbers.

The routing number you choose is also determined by where you started your account. Please provide the routing number that corresponds to your account. The routing number of your bank may be found in a few different ways. Follow the steps below to get your bank routing number, such as US Bank Routing Number, Regions Routing Number, or Union Bank Routing Number.

Getting in Touch With Your Bank

You may also ask your bank for the right routing number by calling them. Some banks give this information online, but you’ll need to log in to your account to access it. You can reach the Associated Bank customer service line at 800-236-8866.

Associated bank Routing Number Validation

We’ve put up a list below to aid you in finding the proper Associated Bank routing number. According to the bank official website, the routing number for Associated Bank is 075900575. Associated Bank routing numbers are used by clients in 19 distinct ways. The following is a list of legitimate routing numbers and their registered names:

Registered Bank NameRouting Number
Associated Bank Green Bay75900575
Associated Bank Chicago71002147
Associated Bank Green Bay71925240
Associated Bank Illinois71925855
Associated Bank NA75000941
Associated Bank Green Bay75005496
Associated Bank NA75901121
Associated Bank NA75901723
Associated Bank NA75903530
Associated Bank Milwaukee75903705
Associated Bank NA75907248
Associated Bank Minnesota91001034
Associated Bank Minnesota91001270
Associated Bank NA91802547
Associated Bank Minnesota91900494
Associated Bank NA96000755
Associated Bank Minnesota96016794
Associated Bank Green Bay275971634
Associated Bank NA291871352
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Why is it necessary to double-check the routing number with your bank? For each sort of transaction, your bank may use a separate number. You might verify with your bank to avoid any issues.

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Which Routing Number Should I Use For My Associated Bank Tax Return?

You should use the same routing number for tax returns as you do for direct deposit and electronic payments. Direct deposit is more faster and safer than receiving a cheque in the mail when it comes to getting your tax refund.

You’ll almost certainly need to know your routing number to do so. Fortunately, locating your routing number is simple. All you have to do is look up your routing number in the table at the top of this page.

The Associated Bank routing number you use for tax returns is included in a table at the beginning of this article.

Visiting your bank’s website or phoning customer service are two more frequent ways to locate your routing number for your tax return.

For ACH Transfers, the associated bank routing number

An ACH routing number is required to submit an ACH transfer to an Associated Bank account. Electronic withdrawals and transfers between banking institutions are made using ACH routing numbers.

To discover your routing number, look in the table at the top of this page.

Associated Bank’s wire routing number.

Wire transfers are a safe and quick way to send money electronically. A wire transfer can take many days or as little as a few minutes. Different routing numbers are occasionally used by banks to assist handle these transactions more quickly and effectively.

The routing number for wire transfers within the United States is 075900575. The SWIFT code for wire transactions done outside of the United States is ABGBUS44.

You may note that the code used for international transactions differs somewhat. A SWIFT code is also required for transfers done outside of the United States.

Often Asked Questions-(Associated Bank Account Number)

Q) What Is My Associated Bank Routing Number And How Do I Get It?

Your Associated Bank routing number may be found on your monthly statement, the bottom left corner of your check, and by contacting your bank’s customer care or visiting their website. You may also find your routing number by visiting the Federal Reserve’s official website.

If you can’t find your routing number given in this post, you have a few choices. It’s simple to obtain your routing number, and it shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Q) Which branch is my routing number if I use a different branch for banking yet my account was started in a different branch?

Banks utilize the branch and location where your account was opened as your routing number in order to streamline the banking procedure.

Q) Is it possible to find out what my debit/credit card’s routing number is?

No, routing numbers are only used for bank-to-bank transfers and cannot be found with a debit or credit card. You can, however, save this page as a bookmark for quick access to your routing number anytime you need it.

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Q) Is my account number the same as my routing number?

Account numbers and routing numbers are not the same thing. A routing number is a numerical code that is used to identify a certain bank branch based on its physical location. Your account number is one-of-a-kind and personal to you. Many individuals will have the same Routing Number as you, but no one will have the same Account Number as you.

Q) Is Everyone’s Associated Bank Routing Number the Same?

Routing numbers for Associated Bank are the same for everyone. Regardless of where you initially created your account, your routing number will remain the same.

Keep in mind that your routing number will most likely remain the same if you transfer states. So, if you started your Associated Bank account in Wisconsin, chances are it will stay the same if you relocate to another state.

Q) Is there a routing number for Associated Bank?

Banks can have several routing numbers, which is true. Larger banks, such as Wells Fargo and Citibank, utilize separate routing numbers for different states, despite the fact that Associated Bank uses just one. Banks employ several routing numbers for a variety of reasons, one of which is the result of previous bank mergers.


We hope this information was useful in locating your Associated bank routing number. The table above shows the valid route numbers. You may verify your routing number by scanning it at any time. However, we recommend that you double-check the routing number with your bank. Log in to your account to do so. In hundreds of locations, you can get legal help from your financial institution’s legal adviser. Clients of Commercial Banking can also reach out to their dedicated customer service line at 800-728-3501.

We’ll keep this list up to date whenever the route numbers change. To remain up to date, keep checking in. Please leave a remark below if you have any queries concerning flood insurance, property insurance, credit approval, bank transfers, Customer Care Center, personal accounts, insurance services, or any tales to share. We’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.


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