9 Best Sandy Beaches in Michigan for a Day Out

Did you know Michigan has over 3,000 miles of freshwater coast? It’s the longest in the continental U.S. This place is perfect for beach lovers. It has hundreds of miles of sandy beaches great for a summer day out.

Michigan touches four of the five Great Lakes. You can find everything from rugged Lake Superior coves to beautiful Lake Michigan sunsets. An expert panel picked the best beaches, and readers chose their favorites. Now, we have the top 9 sandy beaches in Michigan for a memorable day at the lake.

These beaches offer fun adventures, beautiful views, or just a quiet spot to enjoy the sun. Whether you want excitement or peace, these beaches have it all.

Picturesque Shores of the Great Lakes State

Michigan’s coasts along the Great Lakes show off many beautiful shores. The state has over 120 lighthouses, like the Big Red Lighthouse in Holland. These places are great for beach days.

From wild Lake Superior to romantic Lake Michigan sunsets, Michigan’s shores are stunning. They show off the state’s beauty and coastal charm.

Michigan’s Lakeshore Gems

Michigan’s Great Lakes have many beautiful beaches. Two beaches in Michigan were ranked top 15 in the U.S. by Fodor’s Travel. Grand Haven State Park’s North Shore Beach was ranked seventh.

This beach is peaceful and has park amenities. The Sleeping Bear Dunes area is famous for its beaches and towns. It’s a top spot for exploring Michigan’s Great Lakes.

In a USA Today poll, 20 Michigan beaches were up for the best title. Experts picked them, then people voted. This shows how great Michigan’s beaches are.

Grand Haven State Park’s North Shore BeachSecluded and tranquil beach, ranked 7th best lake beach in the US247 miles from Manistee to Empire along the M22 coastal drive
Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeshoreMiles of pristine sandy beaches, towering dunes, lush forests, and crystal-clear inland lakes75 minutes from Manistee to Empire
Oval Beach in SaugatuckSoft, sandy shores and clear blue waters, popular for swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing3 hours southeast from Empire to Tawas Point State Park

Michigan has the rugged Lake Superior, romantic Lake Michigan sunsets, and peaceful coastal towns. Its shores are perfect for outdoor fun and beach lovers.

Top 9 Sandy Beaches for a Memorable Day Out

Michigan is known for its amazing sandy beaches. They offer fun for everyone. You can find adventure, family fun, or just beautiful views. These 9 beaches in Michigan will make your day by the water unforgettable.

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: This park has over 60 miles of shoreline. It has the biggest freshwater sand dunes in the world. It’s a great place for your beach day.
  2. Silver Lake State Park: The park has a 450-acre area for off-road vehicles. It also has nearly three miles of sandy beach. You can swim, sunbathe, and explore the dunes here.
  3. Petoskey State Park: This park is on Lake Michigan’s shores. It has a mile-long sandy beach. There are rentals and concessions to make your day better.
  4. Warren Dunes State Park: This park protects three miles of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. It has dune activities like hang gliding for those who love adventure.
  5. Holland State Park: This park is a favorite spot with two white-sand beaches. It has many amenities for families to enjoy the sun.
  6. Silver Beach County Park: In St. Joseph, this park has a wide sandy beach. It has modern restrooms and seasonal concessions for your needs.
  7. Rosewood Beach: Renovated in 2015, Rosewood Beach has a boardwalk, nature trail, and a glass center. It offers a unique beach experience.
  8. Cheboygan State Park Beach: This beach is on Lake Huron’s scenic shoreline. It’s a peaceful spot for your beach day.
  9. Mackinaw City Beach: The beach has a large sandy area and great views of the Mackinac Bridge. It’s a top spot for the Michigan beach feel.

Choosing any of these 9 beaches will give you lasting memories. You’ll see the beauty of Michigan’s shores. So, bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, and adventure gear. Get ready for the best time at Michigan’s sandy beaches.

Activities and Amenities

Michigan’s sandy beaches are perfect for a day out. You can relax or have fun. These 9 beaches have activities for everyone.

Many beaches have picnic spots, playgrounds, and things for families. Stargazers and nature lovers can check out the state’s dark sky parks and national lakeshores. If you want excitement, try paddling, hiking, or off-roading.

Lake Michigan has lots of beautiful beaches. It’s great for people who love the beach. You’ll find modern comforts like restrooms and beach houses.

Top beaches include Grand Haven State Park, Tunnel Park, and PJ Hoffmaster State Park. They have restrooms, trails, and sand dunes. But remember, Lake Michigan’s water can be strong.

If you want something quieter, try Saugatuck Dunes State Park or Rosy Mound Natural Area. They have tough trails and not many facilities. They let you enjoy nature more.

Michigan’s beaches are perfect for relaxing, exploring, or finding adventure. They offer many things to do at Michigan beaches, beach activities in Michigan, and Michigan beach amenities. You’ll have a great beach day in Michigan.

Michigan’s beaches range from Lake Michigan’s shores to hidden spots in the Upper Peninsula. They show off the state’s beauty. With lots of activities and amenities, these 9 beaches promise a fun beach day in Michigan for everyone.


Michigan has many beautiful beaches along the Great Lakes. You can find everything from wild shores to romantic sunsets. These 9 beaches are perfect for anyone looking for fun in the sun.

When planning your trip, check out the beautiful shores and spots along the lakes. Saugatuck is lively, while Charlevoix has unique buildings and events. Each beach has its own special thing to offer.

Don’t forget your sunscreen and beach towel for your trip. Michigan’s beaches are amazing for both locals and visitors. These 9 spots will make you want to come back again and again. Start planning your trip to Michigan’s beautiful beaches now.

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